“Latest Creation”: iPad will be on sale in 60 days with Wi-Fi; check accessories

The iPad will be available in three models: one with 16GB, the other with 32GB and the last with 64GB of capacity. For each of them, specific price ranges were created, but taking into account one thing: the presence or not of 3G connectivity.

That's right: the iPad also supports 3G. In the United States, Apple proved that its alliance with AT&T is still strong and made a pioneering deal to put broadband as an access option on the iPad for much less than the amount paid for notebooks. Plans per year will be US $ 15 (for 250MB of data) and US $ 30 (with no data limit). Under this agreement, iPad models will cost $ 630, $ 730 and $ 830, without contract and unlocked, and will be available in 90 days.

But what about users who don't want to deal with operators? For the first time, I can say that these people are lucky: iPad models will cost a lot less (US $ 500, US $ 600 and US $ 700) and will be put on the market in 60 days (until the end of March, therefore), which is great for those who can dispense with 3G connectivity.

Along with the iPad, some accessories will also be launched. Users will be able to purchase a special dock to hold it upright, but another special dock model will also bring a keyboard with you:

Finally, whoever wants to leave the iPad lying on a table can purchase a very beautiful case by the way:

In addition to these two products, Apple also offers more accessories for the iPad, including a special wall charger and a kit for connecting SD cards, for transferring photos to the product. Fair enough, in my view.