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Latest beta release of WhatsApp brings full support for Memoji Stickers

Remember the Memoji Stickers? It is possible that someone has forgotten them with the amount of news in iOS 13, but we are here to remember them: they are packages of stickers of your Memojis in various expressions (happy, smiling, angry, crying, etc.) that you can share in most messengers like iMessage or Telegram.

O Whatsapp It implemented support for the feature quickly, but in a less than elegant way: by sending Memoji Stickers to their friends, they came up with ugly, amateur-looking white borders. Now, with the latest beta version of Messenger, this is fixed.

As seen by the developer Darshit Shah, version of WhatsApp beta for iOS already brings full support for Memoji Stickers this, from now on, they are sent the way it should be, with transparent background and no white borders. The messenger still takes a few seconds to import the stickers, but this should be fixed until the final version of the app is released.

Our reader Marcelinho Lopes made a video of the resource already in operation:

The latest WhatsApp beta brings another twist: the application has already started to appear in certain areas of the app. “Facebook WhatsApp” all following the change, announced by us, that would make Mark Zuckerberg's giant mark more present in the apps owned by him, such as Instagram and WhatsApp itself.

For now, the new “brand” will only appear in the app settings, but it should appear elsewhere soon.

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