Latest beta builds bring good news for OS X and tvOS

Latest beta builds bring good news for OS X and tvOS

On Monday, we reported here that Apple released an avalanche of new beta builds. For this time they were the OS X it's the tvOS that came with significant news compared to previous ones.

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OS X 10.11.4 beta 3

The big news here is not in the operating system as a whole, but in one of the apps that come with it and that has already received a significant renovation since OS X El Capitan was launched: o Grades (Notes).

As he discovered the AppleInsider, Notes on OS X 10.11.4 gains a new item in the “File” menu ("Filet") for importing banknotes compatible with Evernote's proprietary .enex format!

Importing Notes into OS X 10.11.4

The import is not 100% faithful in all cases, but for a beta version, according to reports, the thing is already quite satisfactory. And since Notes is now fully synchronized by iCloud, after importing into OS X, all items are immediately available also in iGadgets.

tvOS 9.2 beta 3

THE MacRumors listed the news that came in the latest compilation of fourth generation Apple TV operating system tests, and they’re great: support for Saying (Dictation) in search fields and Crab now also encompassing apps.

Dictation on tvOS

great, of course, for the countries / languages ​​in which Siri already works on Apple TV, which unfortunately does not yet include Portuguese, neither from Brazil nor Portugal.

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Apple does not announce in advance the release dates for system updates like these, but that shouldn't take too long considering the good stability of the latest beta builds.