Later launch of iPhone XR may be strategic for Apple

When Apple announced the iPhones XS, XS Max and XR and warned that the cheapest model would be the last to reach stores in the world, more than a month after his most expensive brothers, no one was surprised: of the three devices, after all, the iPhone XR is the "newest" in the sense of bringing components in the Apple production chain, such as the cut-out LCD screen; it would be natural, therefore, for the device to take a little longer until it reaches a satisfactory production rate.

The reason for this late launch of the XR in relation to the other models, however, may have another reason at least in analysis of the Wall Street Journal. According to the publication, Apple's strategy is to give about a full month of massive advertising to the more expensive iPhones XS and XS Max, and for that period, enjoy only the superior profit from the most expensive models (and, who knows, take extra cash from some hurried buyers who might otherwise opt for the cheaper device).

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If you remember, this year's launch schedule is the opposite of 2017, when Apple first launched its cheapest devices at the time, iPhones 8 and 8 Plus arrived on the shelves in mid-September, while the iPhone X It ended up in the hands of consumers only in early November.

According to sources heard by the WSJHowever, the strategy has changed this year just to allow Apple to focus on its most expensive models for an entire month. The company would have actively asked its suppliers to speed up the assembly of the XS and XS Max iPhones to sell as many devices as possible at the beginning. sales, inclusive.

Such a calendar would still have the side benefit of appealing to more pocket-conscious consumers: first, potential buyers would be frightened by the prices of new iPhones, above $ 1,000; then, when seeing a new model for a 25% lower price, that amount would sound a lot more acceptable even if, if we’re all forgotten, $ 750 (the basic price of the iPhone XR) is still above the entry price of many iPhones ever .

Consulted, Apple denied the information the company claims that it launches its products as soon as they are ready for launch (hum). Still, analysts say the company is forecasting higher sales volume for the iPhone XR: according to sources in the company's production chain, the forecast is that 38 million of units of the device are produced by the end of the year, against 32 million iPhones XS Max and 13 million iPhones XS. That is, the theory makes sense. To be?

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