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Last-Minute Rumors: New iPhones Will Not Load Bilaterally and Support Apple Pencil, “Confirming” Names

Ming Chi Kuo, the most right analyst in the world of Apple, decided to give new "pits" about the launch of new iPhones now, 48 minutes into the second half.

And the news is not very encouraging,

Apple pencil

According to him, the new models * will not come with Apple Pencil support (something that was not taken for granted, but there was a great possibility given the latest rumors) and will not have a USB-C connector (this, yes, a rumor that no longer had such strength).

Quick recharge

As we know, there will be three successor models of XS, XS Max and XR. And, according to the analyst, only the models I replace the dual XS / XS Max (ie the most premium) will come with an 18W / USB-C quick-charge compatible power adapter in the box, the successor of the XR would continue with the current 5W / USB-A.

Bilateral loading

But it didn't stop there, no: you know that feature that the competition has implemented for a long time, that makes the smartphone recharge accessories or even other phones simply turning it upside down and placing such accessory / device on it? Well, this bilateral (or "reverse" recharge, as some call it) may have been cut from Apple's plans.

Kuo said the company may have dropped the appeal because of charging efficiency, which may "not meet Apple's requirements." Mark gurman, gives Bloomberg, corroborated the information, saying that he also heard something to that effect:

We have also heard that Apple is having some issues with AirPods / Watch reverse wireless charging on the back of the new high-end iPhones, although planned. This is a feature Samsung has had for months and would be the second failure involving charging (AirPower) if true.

He later released another tweet implying that one more source confirmed to him the “withdrawal” of such an appeal.

“Confirmation” of names

Gurman also posted a tweet last minute with your final bet for the new line names:

Updated forecast: iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, iPhone Pro Max.

that's right: according to him, the models premium I will no longer have the numerical suffix but the successor of XR, yes. Will understand

Other news

In addition, the TF International Securities analyst stated that the notch remain the same as the appliances will have new colors (without specifying which ones, but probably referring to the successor of the XR), and which will be equipped with ultra band technology (which has everything to greatly improve the internal mapping functionality that is critical to the so-called Apple Tags).

J Gurman bets that we will also see today the release of a new input iPad, with a 10.2-inch screen, and that the new generation of Apple watch bring nothing great.

via 9to5Mac | image: Ben Geskin