Larry Page’s car was used in the first Google Street View tests


TechCrunch today published an excellent article that tells the story of Google Street View from the first ideas to the use of Larry Page’s car to capture the images, in addition to showing the technology developed by Google for the service.

According to the publication, Street View started with research from Stanford University and, based on the creativity of Google employees, soon won a prototype camera that went on to work on the roof of the car of Google co-founder and CEO , Larry Page.

“After a test, Larry Page tied a camera to his car and we took pictures of the whole of San Francisco. These images, along with some basic data, were not very useful but it was ‘interesting’, ”said Luc Vincent, Director of Engineering at Google.

In subsequent tests, still using Page’s car, the team noted that it could expand its equipment by integrating a GPS and some lasers. The lasers had been designed so that the team could know the distance between the camera and the facades of the buildings. This spatial recognition helped Google to patch all the images and give a 3D touch to the result.

When taking pictures of all corners of the planet, the searcher realized that the internet could offer an unusual advantage: traveling the world without leaving the comfort of your own or mobile devices. Thus becoming a “brand of Google’s approach and the evolution of technology”, says the publication.

However, “teleporting” users was not an easy idea. When the first Street View prototypes were ready to win bigger and bigger experiments, Google Maps had not yet launched and location-based services were still in their infancy.