Samsung marketing executive talks about advertisements that target Apple

Large Silicon Valley companies take advantage of Samsung in patent dispute against Apple

The homogeneous dispute between Apple and Samsung in the courts remains in progress. In May, the United States Court of Appeals recalculated the amount the South Korean paid Ma for infractions, freeing her from $ 382 million.

This week, according to the InsideSources, large Silicon Valley companies sided with Samsung in the dispute by registering as amicus curiae (“Friends of the court”). Among them are Facebook, Google, eBay, HP, Dell and others.

The intention of companies to further weaken Apple's arguments that it deserves royalties for the violation of certain patents, stating that some would be too basic / generic to become the possession of someone. Of course, there is a real sense to this, but some must also be looking at their own interests in possible other disputes. Google, for example, has already been countered by Apple as totally partial in the case, being the manufacturer of the operating system that Samsung uses in its devices.

For those interested, here is the full document:

We will continue to monitor the dispute

(via AppleInsider)