Lady Gaga will perform at Apple Park's opening ceremony today [atualizado 2x: fotos!]

Lady Gaga will perform at Apple Park's opening ceremony today [atualizado 2x: fotos!]

Last week we commented here on the mysterious emergence of a colorful stage in the inner gardens of the Apple park, designed by no one less than Jony Ive and his team. On the occasion, we explained that the structure would be used in celebration of the official opening of the campus since, yes, despite being used for over a year, Ma's headquarters will now be officially opened, with the 100% transition process completed.

Now we have more information about the event that occurs tomorrow today: according to 9to5Mac, no less than Lady Gaga will make an on-stage performance of the Apple Park to celebrate the opening of the complex and honor Steve Jobs's legacy, as we shared in the previous post.

It is not yet known whether Apple will broadcast the show, but as is customary at the company's internal events, it is possible that Lady Gaga's presentation and the rest of the ceremony will be really exclusive to the company's employees and executives who may be there. time. It must be interesting to work for a company that incidentally hosts the show of one of the biggest artists in the backyard today, really?

As cool as the presentation is to note that the entire Apple Park is being decorated with the rainbow motifs that accompany Apple's story and the company's logo had these colors until 1998, after all. O MacRumors I brought some pictures of staircases, corridors and decorative and useful items, such as glasses and notebooks, already decorated in character:


Apple Park decorated in rainbow colors for the inauguration and tribute to Steve Jobs

"Apple "Apple "Apple

If only I were invisible

Update by Rafael Fischmann 5/17/2019 s 18:32

O tweet which gave rise to the rumor (and subsequent confirmation) of Lady Gaga's presence indicated that the event would be tomorrow, but we confirmed that it was indeed happen even today, May 17, from 6 pm local time in Cupertino (10 pm in Braslia).

Probably later will be photos and / or videos of the presentation. 😊

Update II by Rafael Fischmann 5/18/2019 09:44 AM

And the event last night seems to have been a great success.

Tim cook went to Twitter to talk about the occasion:

We gather today in the house you envisioned for us, and celebrate your spirit. We love you, Steve.

Thank you unparalleled @ladygaga for helping us make this celebration unforgettable. 🌈🎶

O 9to5Mac also compiled some other tweets with photos from there:

Not bad, such a party for employees, huh. 😉