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Kuo: Apple trackers will have extra-precise location technology; 2020 iPhones will come with new design

For a product that nobody knew existed in just two weeks, the likely apple bluetooth trackers were revealed and detailed very quickly. After his “revelation”, the MacRumors It exposed a lot of product information, but it wasn't enough: today, our old friend, Ming Chi Kuo, came to thicken the broth with even more predictions.

In a note sent to investors, the analyst at TF International Securities stated that the Apple Tag (the name is just an assumption, of course) to have a technology still indicated in Ma products called ultra wideband (UWB, or ultra-wide range). It is a low-energy, low-range radio frequency that is able to determine the location of a particular device with very high precision.

More precisely, a UWB-equipped Apple Tag would need to be up to 100x higher compared to Tile, its most obvious competitor and which bases its operation on the Bluetooth LE protocol (Low-energy). This is achieved through communication between two UWB devices (such as an iPhone and the Apple Tag, for example); They measure the exact time for the radio wave to be transferred between the two devices, which gives precise positioning of each device.

The disadvantage of technology is that it requires both devices to support it. To accompany the trackers, Kuo said, the 2019 iPhones would already come with UWB wave support, but earlier smartphone models (such as iPads and Macs) would be left out of the party. It is not known in this case whether Apple Tags would work with an alternative technology (such as Bluetooth LE itself) or whether the trackers would only be compatible with newer iPhones.

2020 iPhones

In another note sent to investors, Kuo also shared some additional forecasts regarding the 2020 iPhones. According to the analyst, future handsets will have a completely renovated design in contrast to those to be presented next week, which will still feature the same language introduced in iPhone X.

Kuo also stated that the 2020 appliances will come with support for 5G, corroborating recent speculation, and bringing upgrades in cameras. The analyst did not detail changes in design or cameras, however, merely stating that the news would be designed to increase consumer interest in iPhones.

via iMore, 9to5Mac