Kubuntu may cease to exist for "community issues"

The Kubuntu project risks being discontinued due to lack of understanding among its creators, learn more.


Kubuntu as we know it may end

An important event may be about to happen, the Kubuntu community has been "on the brink" of Jonathan Riddell's departure from the project recently, he was one of the distro's development leaders and his exit culminated in the departure of other important members.

According to the release note of Kubuntu Alpha version 15.10, "the future of uncertain system"

In this link You will find a collection of more detailed information about the case.

"Community problems"

It is precisely at this point that a serious problem lies in the Linux desktop distros, the unreliability in its continuity. When a distraction develops in a voluntary way, it is subject to certain human failures that are less likely to happen in corporations.


A simple disagreement between members could end a project that lasted years, in the case of Kubuntu, even if sponsored by some companies it risks having its future releases compromised, imagine if it were not.

This was one of the main reasons I pointed out in the video where I commented on "Why I use Ubuntu", so few community projects in this area can hardly end because of disagreement among its members, I think the only one would be Debian, as it generates interest from many companies.

Boring subjects

Although it is a difficult subject to deal with, it is obvious that we should think about the longevity of the system, the support, among other things. There are many good distros around here that I dare not trust my machines and my work precisely because of this factor, they are developed and maintained by very few people.

In this case if "the guy" catches the flu we will have problems with the system and its updates, this is not a shallow criticism, it may be a warning to people who develop Linux based systems, it is very important to create a development community more than one. user community, if even sponsored projects are at risk, what will the non-sponsors say?

Apple continued without Jobs in charge, Microsoft still without Bill Gates as CEO, would his distro continue if top creators and leaders stopped participating? A good question.

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