Kubuntu 19.04 é lançado e conta com novidades na versão

Kubuntu 19.04 is released with news in the release.

One of Ubuntu's official flavors, Kubuntu 19.04 comes with new features in the operating system suite that has KDE Plasma as its base.

Just like the famous brother, Ubuntu, which we have covered quite widely, with both a release note and a ps install feature, now it's time to talk about the KDE-based version. Kubuntu 19.04 released and has news on the back

Kubuntu is one of the flavors that many indicate to those coming from Windows to the world of Linux, by its similarity of interface, KDE Plasma, and thus facilitating the adaptation of new users. Now Kubuntu also gets improvements, besides the base version that Ubuntu, and has some updates. Check out.

First of all, the KDE or KDE Applications suite upgrade comes in 18.12.3. And the applications that comprise this set are:

Dolphin File Manager; KFind file search; KMail Email Manager; Okular PDF reader; Kate Text Editor; Konsole terminal; Viewing Images Gwenview among others. To see their complete list just access this link.

The main news are related to KDE Plasma and Kernel, they are:

– KDE Plasma 5.15.4;

– Kernel 5.0.0;

– KDE Frameworks 5.56;

– QT 5.12;

– Updates on Krita, Kdeconnect, Kstarts, Latte-dock, Mozilla Firefox 66.0, LibreOffice 6.2.2 and improvements to KDE Plasma stability.

To download the Kubuntu 19.04 ISO image, simply access this link. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum

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