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Many of our readers are too young to have experienced the period when Commodore 64 was a hit with its games.

Many of these have become classic and stand firm and strong to this day, especially after many smartphone game developers have decided to celebrate retro games.

Only some of these games of the past had to go through some adaptations to reach Android platform, for example.

the case of Krakout HD.

Read our review below and find out what makes this game a success.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.1Root: NoMods: NoKrakout HD has a retro touch from start to finish, meaning from the main menu design to the fonts, the style and the size of the button.

All done in honor of 80.

In the upper corners of the screen, you can control the sound and effects.

For those who don't like to be bothered by these, just disable them.

About the game itself, there is not much to talk about, after all the goal here is to use one and a racket to destroy blocks.

The field of play is all surrounded except for the right side.

You will have to launch the ball and make it reach the blocks through a rebound effect.

There are bonus blocks, which makes the game a little more interesting.

It is still possible to get an additional ball or more lives, because at first you have only three lives.

By being able to destroy almost all the blocks, the remaining ones form the bonus blocks.

Destroy them as fast as possible to achieve a high score.

The difficulty of the game can be determined in the settings.

You can still share your score and if you want to reach even higher numbers in terms of points you can join your friends.

The second player also receives a racket and a ball and plays on the left side of the screen.

What is missing is an online rating system with which the player could compare his performance with others around the world.

ConclusionKrakout HD is a fun game mainly for lovers of retr aesthetics.

Those who don't care about that will surely have fun.

But we do not guarantee that a hobby for long hours …

Screen & Controls

Apart from having a retro look, the controls of Krakout HD are very simple.

You do not need any tutorial to play.

Speed ​​& Stability

Krakout HD works very well: stable performance and fluidity are its strengths.

Price / Performance Ratio

For 0.79 euros or $ 2.06, you can get Krakout HD on Google Play.

Let's say this is a fair price for what is being purchased.


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