Kosovo requires Apple to correct its borders on Apple Maps

Kosovo requires Apple to correct its borders on Apple Maps

Kosovo's foreign affairs minister, Meliza Haradinaj, sent a letter to Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, asking for his Maps application to be corrected with regard to how the country's borders are drawn, which declared independence in 2008 , after separating from Serbia in 1999.

tek apple maps On the Apple map, Kosovo is not yet identified as an independent country.

The country has already been recognized by 100 countries as an independent nation, including the United States. Serbia has not yet recognized the status of its former territory. Meliza Haradinaj now asks Apple's employer to take the necessary steps to correct the representation of Kosovo in the cartography of its applications and AppleMap service.

The issue has been the subject of discussion in Apple community forums and on Reddit, including a petition on Change.org, with concern for not seeing the country's borders in the application, which still considers it as part of Serbia.

However, even on Google Maps, Kosovo is not fully represented as independent. The borders are registered, but marked as a disputed territory, with dashed lines. The subject leads one to believe that the technologies will only validate independence after the recognition of Serbia itself, which appears to be the balance plate that weighs most in the representation of Kosovo in the applications.

In the letter, published on her Twitter account, the minister stresses the international recognition of almost two thirds of the world's nations, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France and Italy. It highlights its inclusion in international organizations such as the IMF, World Bank and EBRD. And above all, it points out that its declaration of independence does not violate any international law.

tek google maps In Google Maps the border between Kosovo and Serbia is dashed, representing the territory in dispute.

Finally, it compares with other platforms such as Facebook, Spotify, Twitter and LinkedIn that have already made the necessary corrections to represent Kosovo as not independent.