AirPods with wireless charging case

Korean AirPods commercial gives ideas for customizing the headset case

Aesthetics clean and Apple’s ultra-minimalist may suggest otherwise, but the company does everything it can to help its users personalize their gadgets in the most creative ways possible. At least that’s what this new commercial for AirPods, launched exclusively on South Korea.

The 30-second video shows the most delusional ideas that some users have had for customizing the wireless headset case. Here we have “clothes” in crochet in the most diverse motives, paintings or creative prints, figures that “connect” with other cases (like a heart divided in half, very cute), embossed characters glued to the external surface of the cases… The imagination is the limit. The idea of ​​turning the case into a salt or pepper shaker was my favorite.

Unfortunately, Apple did not give instructions on how you can get the results seen in the commercial – not least because we are talking about advertising, not a 20-minute video on YouTube giving a complete tutorial on the subject. Still, a short search can lead to a plethora of videos of this type, in case you are interested.

Likewise, there is nothing to suggest that the commercial is a sign that Apple will start selling accessories for the AirPods’ case – apparently, the idea is to continue celebrating the creativity of users, even. But who knows, that won’t change until the next 10th?

AirPods with wireless charging case

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