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Koofr – Manage multiple cloud storage services with just one application.

I met today a tool that I found very interesting, the Koofr. It's a cloud storage client that promotes an interface so you can manage your Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Amazon Cloud Drive accounts and gives you 2GB of free storage for your own Koofr account.

Koofr Linux Multicloud

Koofr is another option for those looking for cloud storage solutions, the Koofr service itself is modest, it gives you 2GB of space for you to store your files with the possibility of buying more space, but its differential is not in place. its price (although it is quite cheap) or the amount of free space available but in its integration with other services.

Despite giving access to various cloud storage services, the only one that can synchronize a folder on Koofr's own computer, the other accounts are accessed in a very intuitive and unified web interface.

How to use

The installation of the Linux version could not be simpler, it is practically a portable application, you download and run simply by double clicking, on Windows and Mac alike. For Linux you will download a compressed file, extract it wherever you want, for organizational reasons I prefer to extract it as a folder inside my home and rename the folder to something easier to understand:


Like I said, I renamed the folder "koofr", inside it we have the files that appear in the second image just above, just double click the file "storagegui"to start the program, it will stop at the Ubuntu indicator area in the top bar, a green folder icon with a white and blue" right ".

notification area

Once you open the service you can configure on the page that it will open in your browse which folders you want to sync and which cloud services you want to connect to it, very simple to use.

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