Knox: What, how to disable it and why you should keep it

Knox: What, how to disable it and why you should keep it

Knox: What exactly?

In September 2013, during the event Unpacked Edition 2, Samsung officially introduced the Knox. It is a complete device security system that would protect from the hardware to the application layer of branded smartphones.

This works thanks to a Container that creates a safe data execution and storage space. In other words, it works by dividing the operating system into two distinct environments, like a kind of virtual partition on the hard drive.

And what is the system for? In fact, it was created primarily for the business environment, with the aim of promoting the so-called BYOD. Bring Your Own Device (Bring your own device in Portuguese). This is a movement where people are increasingly bringing their personal mobile devices to work, which would pose risks to corporate information security. Knox soon came up with the mission of preventing possible theft of sensitive data.

Disabling Knox may cause important features of Samsung smartphones to be disabled.

Know brings tools that eliminate risks such as confidential data leakage or feared industrial espionage. Initially, it was released with the new Galaxy Note 3, but has been incorporated into other Samsung devices from the Android 4.3 update. Applications that run outside of this Container generated by Knox have limited access to stored data. the problem arises.

And you know My Knox?

After creating Knox, Samsung developed a version of the end-consumer solution that was named My Knox. Like your "older brother", the feature allows the user to customize the entire content of the smartphone and also split the system into two environments.

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My Knox: Have two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone / Google Play
<p>With this, he can, for example, use two Whatsapp accounts on the same device, thus allowing the user to have two phone numbers.</p>
<p>My Knox currently works on the following brand smartphones: Galaxy A7, A5, A3, E7, E5, J5, J7, Note 3, S5, Note 4, Note 4 Edge, Galaxy 6 and S6 Edge.</p>
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Samsung My Knox
Install on Google Play

Knox: Why Should You Keep It On Your Samsung?

The main reason for keeping Knox on your Samsung device is one: safety. Firstly, because rooting any smartphone, including Samsung's, makes the device vulnerable to any attack by hackers. A malicious application downloaded in the wrong place, or that suspicious link you should not have clicked on, makes the phone an easier target to break into or intercept, as many of the security features are disabled.

Also, if you have more current Samsung-branded smartphones (starting from the Galaxy S6, more specifically) disabling Knox would disable several unique features of the phone. Among them, Samsung Pay, payment system that uses the device itself as a wallet.

PingPong Tool Roots can bypass Knox to root the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

However, XDA Developers said yes, it is possible to root the latest Samsung devices, but by "circumventing" Knox, leaving it enabled. This requires using PingPong Tool Roots, software that would be able to perform the process without weakening Samsung's security system and hence features such as Samsung Pay. But the page stated that PingPong is valid only for the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge.

For the newly released Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, until the close of this issue, we had not discovered any apps that would allow us to root the devices without disarming Knox, just as PingPing Tool Roots does with S6 and S6 Edge.

Knox: How to disable?

I imagine many root users after upgrading to Android 4.3 have received warnings that the SuperSu application has been locked, which is due to Knox protection.

To fix this there are some methods that will allow us to reuse applications like SuperSu or RootChecker, but we will not be able to reset the flash counter. This new non-removable Knox warranty system, at least on model I9505.

To disable Samsung Knox you can follow the steps on Samsung Support page:

  • Enter the Samsung Knox app and click on "Settings".
  • Click on "Knox Configuration".
  • Click on "Uninstall Knox".
  • When uninstalling Knox, he will ask if he wants to back up his Knox data. The data will be saved during the uninstall process in the device's Knox folder. To back up your Knox data, click "Back up now", otherwise click OK.
  • Important: Personal data such as photos, music files, contacts, and calendar events will be copied during uninstallation. However, email and app data will not be copied.
  • Enter the Samsung Knox password and click "Continue".
  • Click on "Next". Your data will be saved before the uninstall is complete.
  • Click "Accept" to uninstall Knox.
  • Click on "Menu"> "My Files"> "Everyone"> "Knox". He will make a zip archive of all his personal content from Knox.

Note: If you have a microSD card, select "All"> "Storage Device"> "Knox".

If Samsung's option is not right for you, you can do the same by following these steps, which require root access:

  • Install "Root Explorer".
  • Run "Root Explorer" and search Knox in search.
  • Select all files that have the name Knox.
  • Delete them and restart your Samsung device.
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Open the app and search for the Samsung Knox ... / AndroidPIT
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If none of these methods worked, the XDA Developers forum offers a file to disable Knox upon recovery:

  • Make a backup or backup of all your device information.
  • Flash the following file provided by XDA Developers: KNOX (Go to page: XDA-Developers).
  • Delete all Knox files.
  • Restart the device.

What do you think about the Samsung Knox? Is it a safety or control and limitation program?

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