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Aesthetic Girl they are girls who follow current fashion styles common among girls on the Internet. The term «aesthetic«was created to replace the name» Tumblr «, and is used to refer to a standard of beauty, something considered pleasant to look at. e-girls, VSCO girls, soft girls, «Tumblr girls» and kawaii girls, each style has its own characteristics. Some of these trends have gained visibility from TikTok, while others have grown thanks to services like Tumblr and VSCO Cam.

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The explosion of these styles can be seen on social networks – on Instagram, for example, the hashtags #Egirl, #VSCOGirl and #TumblrGirl add up to more than 15 million posts. THE dnetc prepared a list of the styles of girls on the Internet.

1 of 1 Aesthetic Girl: know the styles of girls on the Internet – Photo: Ana Letícia Loubak / dnetc

Aesthetic Girl: know the styles of girls on the Internet – Photo: Ana Letícia Loubak / dnetc

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At e-girls, also known as electronic girls, are girls who wear clothes influenced by «emo» and «gothic» styles and culture gamer, without leaving out a slight «cute» aspect The beauty standard consists of darker accessories, in addition to equally heavy makeup. The trend became popular mainly in TikTok, in which girls record small clips with their transformation into e-girls. Fashion is also present on Instagram.

Another type of fashion that has been booming on social media is VSCO girl, an evolution of the «Tumblr girls» trend. The term used to name the style came from the VSCO Cam photo app, which allows the user to edit and post images.

The «VSCO girls» do not usually produce themselves with heavily loaded makeup, they always wear their hair half tied, wear beach accessories, long shirts and Vans shoes. In addition, an item that draws attention in the photos is the thermal bottle with cute stickers. The trend is present in networks like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

THE soft girl is a trend created in TikTok that has expanded to other social networks and contrasts with the e-girls. Just like the meaning of the word «soft«(soft) already refers, the type of fashion bets on light and» cute «characteristics. soft girls or baby girls they are considered sweet girls and who wear clothes with more «childish» prints.

Another strong feature of soft girls it is the use of pink color and «pastel» pigments. With respect to hair, a striking feature of the style are the hairpins or bows. Loose clothes or overalls and makeup with designs are other characteristics of the baby girls, greatly influenced by k-pop, Korean pop music genre.

The «Tumblr girls» was the pioneer style, among the Aesthetic trends, to be successful on the web in mid-2011. Tumblr girls they are girls who dress and live to a certain standard. Although they have similar trajectories to the style VSCO girl, the trend has its specificities.

Fashion emerged from posts made by girls on the Tumblr blog. Among the characteristics of the style, it is possible to mention a strong makeup, including false eyelashes, illuminator and matte lipstick. The clothes have pieces that mark the curves of the body, while the hair must be well defined and the accessories golden. Some people consider it a compliment to say that a girl is «so Tumblr».

The art girls own a very own style, originating in a slope vintage. Known internationally, mode usually follows a color palette reminiscent of Van Gogh’s paintings. The pigments present in this aesthetic are yellow, mustard, red, brown and blue, and the harmonization of these colors in looks it’s common. Flowers are also very present in style, and you can see them on the prints of clothes, as accessories and more. With regard to footwear, the art girls usually use All Star style sneakers.

At kawaii girls follow a style very influenced by Japanese culture, specifically by anime characters. They like to combine sensuality with a touch of cuteness – that’s why short skirts with pantyhose and rounded necklines are very present in the trend. The style abuses accessories such as stockings, bows, hats, caps and collars. The makeup of kawaii girls they are not loaded, but they mainly like to emphasize the eyes.

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