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Most of the time we use our Linux distributions and we don't even imagine the "why" of the name it uses. Well, a while ago I was looking for what the name Fedora meant and I found a very interesting article on Viva Linux that explained the name of some distributions. I added it and I publish it here today for you. Let's go!

Linux: The Origin of NamesGentoo It is the name of the fastest penguin species in existence. In fact the fastest bird in the world under water. The Gentoo Linux distribution has this name because it is intended to be the fastest distribution of all.

Gentoo users usually have a great knowledge of Linux configuration and are able to tailor the system specifically to their hardware in various details, resulting in a really fast system.

Linux: The Origin of NamesThis name has an easy and widespread meaning. Ubuntu It is a South African word meaning "humanity with others" or "I am what I am for what we are." The correct pronunciation is "oo-boon-too". This can be seen here.

You can also hear Nelson Mandela pronouncing “Ubuntu” on this Youtube video (after one minute and nine seconds of video):

The name Ubuntu reflects a philosophy of mutual help and sharing. as if this distribution should be something common to everyone, different from the idea of ​​something reserved and restricted.

We can even see that the Ubuntu logo gives the idea of ​​three people holding hands, that is, the idea of ​​unity, something done collaboratively for the benefit of all.

Linux: The Origin of NamesAs many know, Fedora a distribution created by Redhat (red hat). The name RedHat is a reference to the red cap of the Cornell University Lacrosse team. Note: This information was obtained here. Linux: The Origin of Names

And Fedora is the name of a hat model… Can you tell? It turns out the red hat we see on the Fedora-like RedHat logo. Gives the origin of the name of this distribution, created by RedHat.

Linux: The Origin of NamesThe name of the distribution Debian (pronounced "dbian") has its origin in the names of its creators: Debra and Ian Murdock, who are married. The distribution was launched in 1993 and is the official distribution of the GNU project. Linux: The Origin of NamesThe name of the distribution Mandriva comes from the union of two companies: the French Mandrake and the Brazilian Conectiva. Prior to this merger, each company was responsible for developing a different Linux distribution.

Today the company has an administrative headquarters in Paris and a development center in Curitiba.

Linux: The Origin of NamesThe distribution Slackware It has this name as a reference to the term "slack" used by the Church of Subgenius.

But what "slack" and what church of Subgenius?

Subgenius Church is a pseudo-religion that satirizes other religions and beliefs that involve world conspiracies, extraterrestrials, etc.

The symbol of this religion is “Bob with a pipe”, giving rise to the symbol “Tux with a pipe” as a mascot of the Slackware distribution!

Linux: The Origin of Names Linux: The Origin of Names

"Slack" is a term widely used in the Church of Subgenius. In fact "slack" the term that defines the central belief of the Church of Subgenius. Usually the term means feeling of freedom, independence and an original thought that comes when you reach your personal goals.

The Church claims we were all born with the Original Slack, but it was stolen from us by a worldwide conspiracy of normal people, the pinks.

With this we come to the conclusion that the name Slackware is a reference to "slack", that is, the feeling of freedom, originality and independence. It would be something like, "Don't think like others (pinks), be original and independent."

Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2 Kurumin It is the name of one of the most famous Brazilian Linux distributions. Its name comes from “curumim”, from Tupi-Guarani, indigenous language, which means “child” and starts with the letter “K” in reference to distribution. Knoppix, which served as the basis for her.

The Kurumin Mascot is an indigenous penguin. It is a distribution created for beginning users, easy to use, so the reference "child". Distribution was discontinued in 2008.

Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2

Knoppix a distribution based on the distribution Debian and is named after a derivation of the name of its creator: Klaus Knopper, with the influence of the name Unix, which the system from which Linux originated.

Its symbol refers to the drawing of Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci. This drawing is based on the concepts of architect Marco Vitruvio Polio who lived in the 1st century BC and shows the geometric perfection of man's measurements based on the urea proportion. Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2

Arch Linux, or just Arch, a distribution whose name is nothing more than the noun "arch", which means arch in English. Noun used as a radical in words like “architecture”.

One of the differentials of this distribution is its optimization for processors of i686 or higher architectures. Arch is pronounced "rtch" as in the word "archer".

Its symbol resembles a pyramid (an architectural marvel), but with a bow at the base that eventually forms something like the letter “A” (by Arch Linux). Your motto “Keep it simple, keep it lightweight”, which is a motto based on the principleKISS(keep it simple, stupid), followed by distributions like Slackware.

Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2

FreeBSD on Linux but a system based on the BSDwhich in turn a system of the type Unix. The origin of the name FreeBSD and BSD mix together. BSD comes from Berkeley Software Distribution, something like: Berkeley distribution program. The proper name is that this system was developed at Berkeley University.

FreeBSD is just one of several variations of this system. “Free” means free in English as it is a free operating system. Your pet is a little red devil named Daemon (demon in Greek), due to the fact that the system uses daemons, which are programs that run in memory and meet processor requirements. His motto "The power to serve", the power to serve. System widely used in servers.

Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2

Connective It is the name of a Brazilian distribution that no longer exists. Conectiva merged with Mandrake and created the Mandriva distribution. Connects a name that resembles connectivity.

Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2

Mandrake It was the name of a Linux distribution, which is now known as Mandriva (Mandrake spindle with Conectiva). Mandrake the Magician, the name of a 1930s comic character from the same creator as the Ghost character. The symbol of this distribution is a Tux with cape and top hat, the same robes as the Mandrake, the magician.

Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2

Puppy Linux It is a lightweight, live-CD distribution (no need to install on HD, it works right on the CD). “Puppy” means puppy in English. Your goal is to be a puppy, ie small and attractive.

There are some versions that are just variations of Puppy like Chubby Puppy (chubby pup) that comes with heavier programs like OpenOffice; Barebones Puppy (something like: skeletal pup) that has no graphic tools and Puppy Unleashed(separate puppy?) which allows the user to choose the applications that compose the live CD.

Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2

Linux Mint It is a distribution based on the Ubuntu distribution. “Mint” means mint in English, considered a refreshing and pleasant flavor. Your goal will be an easy-to-use distribution. Its standard theme is green, color always associated with the mint flavor in food products. Its symbol resembles a green leaf.

Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2

Big linux is intended to be a complete desktop distribution. Meets all end-user needs, unlike some distributions where the user needs to build the system slowly.

Big Linux has a large number of programs already installed, given its name: Big Linux.

Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2

GoblinX a live-CD distribution based on the distribution Slackware. His motto “GoblinX Linux, Because Fundamental Beauty”. Your goal will also provide a pleasant feeling due to its appearance. Something a little weird when we look at the origin of your name.

Goblin is the name of a fantasy creature (usually found in medieval fantasy stories) that are ugly, usually green and nosy. "X" in the name is supposed to be due to Linux / Unix. Its symbol has the figure of a Goblin.

Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2

Damn Small Linux, also known as DSL It is a live-CD distribution that aims to be very small and light. Gives the origin of its name meaning something like "Linux damn small!".

Its ISO image is less than 50MB, however a complete system. Its symbol has the image of a small penguin.

Linux: The Origin of Names - Part 2

Backtrack: distribution appreciated by hackers and security analysts. live-CD and was created for pen tests. “Back track” means full lap, ie a lap that ends at the same point you started.

This resembles the idea of ​​loopback, which is a loop where any sent message is received by the same send channel. It makes sense, since the user tests penetration by simulating attacks, he himself gets the result of the tests.

Based on Gentoo, created by programmer Fabio Erculiani, developed in Riva del Garda, Trentino, Italy and distributed internationally.

Its name comes from a dessert: an Italian sweet called "zabajone" or "zabaglione" which in English is called "zabaione" and in Francs, "sabayon".