know the origin and history of Lenny Face

'That little guy': know the origin and history of Lenny Face

Lenny Face – also known in Brazil as «that little guy» – is one of the most used emoticons on social networks, whether by the public or by brands on its pages, and has a common origin, although its use is unusual. Used to represent ironies, debauchery or even sexual messages, it is represented by a face created using Unicode symbols – (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) -, a pattern that allows computers to represent writing systems. Know the history.

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What is Lenny Face and where did it come from?

Lenny Face can be replicated using commands on a computer keyboard – see step by step at the end of the text. However, because it uses very specific characters to form an ironic face, the commands are not easy to remember. It is common for people to use Google search for «lenny face generators» to copy the drawing. Over time, it is possible to decorate the sequence.

1 of 2 Lenny Face – Photo: Playback / Google

Lenny Face – Photo: Reproduction / Google

Since its inception, Lenny Face has been used in various types of content, such as social media posts, YouTube video frames, Twitter publications, image montages, among others. Forum posts and video game sites have done a lot to speed up their reach over the Internet.

It is also common to see Lenny Face in forum discussions, when someone asks something obvious or that can be interpreted with a tone of «debauchery». It was used for the first time on November 18, 2012, within a Finnish website, but its use became popular on 4chan, on the same day.

There is no record of who invented the face, which can also be called «Le Desu» or «Le Face Face», as it is still referenced in some 4chan posts. After being used in various pages, the user Dogcatcher1979 published it on Reddit, questioning whether we would be facing a new fashion.

Lenny Face variations

Today, there are countless variations of the face. While the basic structure remains – a face formed by parentheses and created from special characters – internal details change, expressing other emotions that go beyond the «malicious» face. There are even those who wear glasses or ears.

2 of 2 Lenny Face variations and the original below – Photo: Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

Variations of Lenny Face and the original below – Photo: Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

How to make Lenny Face on your computer

Learn how to create «that face» with your PC keyboard, in the table below. The tip works only on Windows, within text editors like Microsoft Word or Wordpad.

How to create the «Lenny Face»

Step 1 Open parentheses
Step 2 space-bar
Step 3 Type 0361 and then Alt + X
Step 4 Type Alt Gr + E
Step 5 space-bar
Step 6 Type 035C and then Alt + X
Step 7 Type 0296 and then Alt + X
Step 8 space-bar
Step 9 Type 0361 and then Alt + X
Step 10 Type Alt Gr + E
Step 11 Close parenthesis