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KNOPPIX is a Debian-based GNU / Linux distribution. He is one of the forerunners of Live CD systems, which gave rise to distributions like Ubuntu and Kurumin.

As a Live CD, KNOPPIX does not have to be installed on your computer's hard drive to use (in fact, your computer doesn't even have to have a hard drive to play it). You can test it without changing any data from your machine.

KNOPPIX does not require settings for operation. The only thing you may need is BIOS setup, which causes your computer to try to boot from the CD first, before it can boot to the hard drive. As for hardware settings (video card, sound card, network, USB and other peripherals), they are automatically adjusted.


There are two versions of Knoppix: one on CD, and one on DVD. Both come with a great package of GNU / Linux applications, such as: the KDE 3 window manager, the GIMP image editor, the OpenOffice application suite, some file recovery and system repair utilities, among others.In total KNOPPIX has over 900 installed software packages and over 2000 executable programs! After unzipping the CD files for system mounting, more than 2GB will be available in apps!