Kitesurfer lost in shark zone manages to save himself thanks to a helping hand from Apple Watch with LTE

This is another one of those stories that Apple, although not officially divulging, loves that they come out in all possible vehicles because it shows the most, let's say, vitally important face of its products and in this case, “vitally” was not used lightly.

I say this because a kiteboarder American was recently in a potential life and death situation and his rescue had a Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular connectivity.

Who informed was the Daily Mail: John Zilles, a 49-year-old Californian filmmaker who was enthusiastic about kitesurfing, was in the middle of practicing his favorite activity when he missed a maneuver, disconnected from his board and ended up about 3.6km from the shore of a beach in the city of Ventura, in a area known for being a shark circulation zone.

Sounds really scary, doesn't it?

Realizing that there was no more airflow to carry his kite and swim back to the beach, with all the equipment attached to his body, it would take about two hours, that is, more time than necessary for the sharks in the surroundings to become hungry.

and seeing that appetizing piece of meat, Zilles found himself without many options.

Until he remembered the salvation that lived on his wrist: he had recently purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular), which can, as is well known, make calls without an iPhone nearby.

John Zilles, kiteboarder saved by an Apple Watch

The kitesurfer then called his children first, to warn him that he would be late.

After about half an hour trying to swim back to shore, unsuccessfully (the currents were not helping), Zilles determined that his best option would be to call the Coast Guard, requesting rescue.

And so it was: by guiding the agents to their location, the man was rescued alone and saved (and whole).

In an interview with Daily Mail, Zilles stated that he did not trust waterproof cases and, therefore, he had never taken his iPhone in kitesurfing practices.

When he first saw the Apple Watch, however, he saw the value that the accessory could have on his wrist, I believe, more than confirmed by the frightening experience he went through.

The filmmaker also sent a letter to Tim Cook reporting what happened and the CEO replied, in his characteristic succinct tone: “Wow.

I am happy to know that you are well.

The practice of kitesurfing, you must know, is very popular also on the Brazilian coast.

However, considering that the Apple Watch with cell phone in (and maybe never be) sold around here, it is beneficial to carry out the maneuvers much more carefully than Zilles.

After all, you never know when sharks might be around.

via 9to5Mac