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KitBebum is the complete app for rounds with friends

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Are you going out with friends to the bar but don’t want to overdo it? How to choose the driver of the round? How do you know how many you drank? And the account, who shares? For all this, there is an application that facilitates the life of alcoholics: KitBebum, by Douglas Fischer.

The Bebum Kit has everything the modern drunk needs. The first tool is a counter for you to control how many glasses you are drinking, extremely important to not lose count. The problem is to remember to touch the screen each time you start a glass. ?

Too bad the meter only works with the application open. If you need to close it or the phone rings, that’s it. Thankfully, OS 4 is here to solve the problem. ?

Another important tool is the account divider, essential to avoid discussions when paying. He divides by the number of people, already counting on the percentage (or not) of the waiter.

And the most fun point is the Driver of the Round draw. As soon as you arrive at the bar, the app can randomly draw one of the names among those present to decide who will not drink. An animation with the cart gives an extra suspense in the disclosure of the result.

THE KitBebum can be downloaded from the App Store (link) and costs $ 0.99. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, OS from 3.0.

To run for one of the 6 copies that Douglas made available to our readers, just fill in the following questions correctly, including your full name. One entry per person. The draw will be done with the app Sorting, by the same author.

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