Kingston começa envios do SSD DC1000M de 7.68TB para data centers

Kingston Starts 7.68TB DC1000M SSD Shipments to Data Centers

THE Kingston announced that sending the 7.68TB back side of the PCIe NVMe Data Center 1000M SSD already started. The device is also known as DC1000M and implements strict QoS (Quality of Service).


Company announced three new models with intensive, fast and business focus

The new unit uses a 2.5-inch hot-plug format to allow integration with the latest generation servers and storage arrays. It is optimized for mixed-use applications and promises up to 3,100 MB / s read and 2,600 MB / s write. 4K read / write speeds are 485,000 / 210,000 IOPS. Power consumption 5.74 watts in idle mode, 5.99W during average reading and 17.06W during average recording. The maximum power consumption is 17.88W during maximum recording operations.

In addition, it offers a PCIe NVMe Gen 3.0 x4 interface and a high-performance U.2 connection, allowing high throughput and low latency on standardized platforms. It is designed to offer up to 540K IOPS of random read performance and 3 GB / s throughput.

Some application examples include:


Combine the high performance of the SSD with the great storage power of an HDD!

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– Virtualization; – High performance cloud service; – Web hosting cache; – High resolution media capture and transport; – ERP, CRM, GL, OLAP, OLTP, ERM, BI and EDW workloads.

The 7.68TB PCIe NVMe Data Center 1000M SSD is listed on the CDW for $ 1,586 (approximately R $ 8,347 in direct conversion). However, this amount includes a discount of US $ 742, increasing the normal price to US $ 2,328 (about R $ 12,253). You can check the complete specifications on this page.

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