Kingroot 4.0 Test: The app that promises to root your Android with just one click

A Chinese developer has released an app that promises to root any Android device with just one click. O Kingroot 4.0 It is not available on the Play Store, to use it you need to allow apps to be installed from unknown sources and this sets a security precedent on your smartphone. This morning I tested Kingroot 4.0 on three different devices and none of them had their root process terminated. See the details of our test below.

root samsung galaxy s5 2
Kingroot 4.0 promises to root your Android smartphone, but eventually fails several tests. / ANDROIDPIT

In a video posted on YouTube, we can see Kingroot 4.0 running and apparently rooting a Verizon Galaxy Note 4 device running Android Lollipop, possibly version 5.0.1. To do so, it was necessary to download the application APK from the developer's official website and install it from unknown sources (other than the Play Store), as you can see in the video below. Right after installation, the Note 4 root process was started, and at the end, the device appears with administrator permissions, the famous "superuser":

In the AndroidPIT wording, however, the Kingroot 4.0 It didn't work on any of the tests that were tested. I installed the app on three different Android smartphones: Galaxy Note 4, LG G3 and HTC One M9. In the first case the process reached 52% and the device was restarted and when we opened the Kingroot 4.0, the app showed the image below. Although we can't read Chinese, it was obvious that root didn't happen:

kingroot 4 0 test
I tested Kingroot 4.0 on Galaxy Note 4 and the process failed. / ANDROIDPIT

On the LG G3, the Kingroot 4.0 also completed the 52% of the procedure, also stopped, but unlike Note 4, G3 did not restart. Already the HTC One M9 reached 17% and restarted, in the end the root of the device also did not run successfully.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that either the application doesn't really work, or it requires more than what is told to the user, such as unlocking the bootloader before the process, for example. Also, as the privilege scale works only with one scriptIf you try the process on your smartphone, you may end up with infinite looping software and of course break your device. So pay close attention to the use of this app before deciding to use this root process.

Reader Response

Contrary to our test, many users are reporting in the comments below that they have successfully rooted their devices. So before attempting to root your Android smartphone using the Kingroot 4.0I recommend reading the comments on this article.

However, keep in mind that when you root your device, you lose the warranty on it.

And, did you already know the Kingroot 4.0? If you have already tested the app, share your experience with it in the comments below.

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