«King of Spam» could face 26 years in prison

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Robert Soloway, better known as the «king of spam«as the eighth largest issuer of unsolicited e-mail messages in the world, it is in the process of facing a long stay in prison after pleading guilty to practices of electronic fraud, identity theft and tax evasion in 2005, year when he profited $ 309,000 from his activities.

Arrested since last year, the accused preferred to surrender and assume all the crimes he committed to face countless lawsuits. Now, the final sentence, which could go up to 26 years in prison, will only be known on June 20 this year.

To do his job, the 29-year-old American controlled a network of thousands of computers zombie where it sent millions of messages from spam where several sites were promoted, including your company, Newport Internet Marketing. It also operated through a Chinese ISP, from which it sent unsolicited messages to a database with more than 157 million electronic addresses.

This is not the first time that Robert Soloway has to appear in court. The best known situation was probably the one that, in 2005, placed the «king of spam«face to face with Microsoft, in a process that ended up being lost subject to the payment of a fine of 7.8 million dollars. However, the fine was never paid and Robert Soloway continued with his activity.

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