Kindle wins first games

The first two games for the Kindle are now available. Adapted to the characteristics of the reader ebooks, are simple applications, which do not require great performance in terms of graphics and, as many will have already guessed, are word games.

The first titles to reach the Kindle Store are called Every Word and Shuffled Row, both are free and ordered through the online store, as are the ebooks.

Both have a logic of operation similar to that of the traditional Scrabble word game, but intended for only one player and also featuring timed modes, for those who want to increase the difficulty of the challenges.

Shuffled Row is the closest to the “classic” in its operation, with 60 virtual pieces equivalent to those of Scrabble, which are delivered to the user during the game, causing the set of letters that he has to change . Whenever you can form a word with the characters you have and submit it, the pieces at your disposal will be replaced.

Suffled Row.  Amazon Image

In the case of Every Word, the player receives six or seven letters and is asked to form as many words as possible using these characters. The more words you can make, the more points you get.

Every Word.  Amazon Image

The novelty was presented this week, about seven months after Amazon made the Kindle Development Kit (KDK) available to developers in late January, with the necessary tools to develop applications for the device that until then was only dedicated to electronic books.

The news comes shortly after one of Amazon’s main competitors in the USA, Barnes & Noble, made Chess and Sudoko games available to his reader. ebooks.