Killing Floor on Steam for Linux

One more game on the best L4D and CS stand available on Steam from Valve.

More zombies on the loose in Penguin World

In recent months great games have been invading Linux, in the case of Ubuntu (for now), all thanks to Valve's Steam. This time the news comes to please the first person shooter fans and zombies, Killing Floor is coming to follow the very successful Left4Dead, also available on Steam. killing-floor-steam-valve

A little bit of Killing Floor

A mix between very macabre zombies, the result of military experiments with a good dose of Counter Strike. There are up to six players online in Co-op mode, with a leveling system of perks as you play and over twelve weapons available. The simple task is to hold waves and waves of undead until the place is clean. All maps are set in England, which reminds us a bit of the movie Exterminium.


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