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Kill Switch Confirmed for Samsung and LG Devices

It looks like Android Device Manager won't be the only security measure implemented for tablets and smartphones this year. All Korean Smartphones should now come with the Kill switch. But what is this?

Kill Switch in Korea Law. / The Korea Times

In a survey by security firm F-Secure and released by the Project Safe Web site, Brazil was only overcome by India's loss and theft of smartphones: 25% of Brazilian respondents lost or had their phones stolen. The overall average was 11%. The black handset market in Brazil is growing alarmingly. In prisons, stolen cell phones are used to coordinate criminal actions and escape attempts.

All of this could be prevented with a very simple measure that has just become law in South Korea: from now on, all Korean mobile phones should come with Kill switch, English name given remotely triggered function which makes the device useless after being stolen, as well as erasing all user data. Samsung and LG have already started to manufacture devices with the button that kills, and I think this measure in Brazil would reduce the number of new cell phone thefts, reducing the black market for the devices.

Not a big consolation, but at least good to know that the freak who stole your cell phone can never use it anyway?

What do you think of Kill switch?

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