Key features of iOS 8 already exist on Android

After the announcement of iOS 8 yesterday, one thing needs to be said: Apple's operating system looks much better. That's why Apple developers, executives, and designers stopped judging Android's features and started copying Google's platform. At least it seems, since many of the New features of iOS 8 already exist for Android. Learn how to find them.

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References to Android are not just restricted to the WWDC Keynote stage, on the contrary, the new iOS 8 brings features seen over the year on Google OS! / ANDROIDPIT

First of all, I need to say that Tim Cook's team knows how to make their platforms closed. During the keynote of the developer conference, I noticed that more than ever Apple fans need to have an iPhone, an iPad, and a Mac to make using their devices more efficient. But this is not smart, because we live the time of open platforms and services. Thus, it would be smarter to give the user more freedom and not to force him to belong to the mass.

Eleven months ago, the soap opera was the same, Tim Cook took the stage, talked badly about the competition, was applauded and then, together with his team, presented what other companies had already made livable and on top of that called his own. . At the iOS 7 presentation, the differences from the Android 4.2.2 UI were minimal, as you can see from my compartment between Android 4.2.2 and iOS 7, and this time it was no different.

"Hey Siri!"

Much of the presentation of the new version of Apple OS sounded like a "dej vu", but one of the most obvious was "Hey Siri". It is impossible not to associate the command with our known "Ok, Google!". But as if that were not enough to refer to Google Now, now iPhone and iPad users no longer need to touch devices to give a command, just do it by voice. Welcome to the touchless universe, but be aware that for this feature to work on Apple smartphones and tablets, I need them to be connected to a power source.

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Using Google Now, the "Ok, Google" feature is now available in different languages! / AndroidPIT

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iCloud Drive

I swear that when Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, announced iCloud Drive, the first thing I thought about was an integration between Apple's cloud service and Google's, but that wasn't quite it. Now iCloud can be used for automatic storage and synchronization of images captured with the mobile phone in the Apple cloud, something Google has added for some time to Android. In addition, there are third party apps such as Dropbox that offer a cumulative or paid storage capacity.

Google Drive update
Saving data to the cloud has been part of Android philosophy since the beginning of time! / Google

Google Drive
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Predictive keyboard

Undoubtedly, users of iOS devices should be very happy with the possibility of building the new keyboard from now on. A feature that has existed for Android since 2012 at least through the Swiftkey app that was already able to predict not only the word the user types as the next word you will type.

Swiftkey g plus
The idea behind Swiftkey has just been added to iOS. ANDROIDPIT

In addition, Apple has finally decided to make room for third-party virtual keyboards to be used by developers to create their applications using other options. This kind of freedom is missing from Tim Cook's company platform and perhaps features like Swype will be integrated into the next iOS apps.

Swype Keyboard Trial
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S-Health, LG Health, HealthKit … call it what you want, but all platforms already have their vital user information monitors. It turns out that none of the services launched with devices running the Android platform proved accurate, hardly the first version of Apple Health to be. So nothing new in this area, just the addition of yet another feature that has tended to and reached smartphones by Samsung hands.

google fit 2
Manufacturers like Samung have been offering applications to monitor users' physical activities for some time. Google has already announced the service as a native of Android L. / Google / AndroidPIT

Calorie Counter
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IOS 8 already supports widgets, but is still limited platform notification center. As a result, the home screen remains restricted to non-intelligent application cones. That's right, on Android users have smart icons, which we also call widgets, and it was a breakthrough at the time of OS release of the little green robot.

android widgets
Widgets are smart applications used by Android users since the first version of OS. ANDROIDPIT


Taking the example of the introduction of iOS Notification Center Widgets, Apple engineers remain reluctant to offer smart UI icons for their devices. They fill their mouths to say that Android users are switching to iOS because they are looking for a better experience with the operating system and their mobile devices, however, they are blatantly integrating features already known to Google's operating system, offering only a new twist to service and say they deliver a better experience. Really be?

I don't think so, because in an OS where interaction with platform services via the notification bar has just been updated so that users can respond to emails, messages or make calls from it, it doesn't seem like a system that delivers an experience. higher than Android.

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