Drivers Nouveau no Kernel Linux 4,3

Kernel 4.3 will improve suv driver Nvidia Nouveau

Nvidia cards will have better support with Nouveau driver that comes with Kernel 4.3

Owners of Nvidia cards will perform better on their cards with the Open Source Nouveau driver coming with Kernel 4.3.

Nouveau Drivers in Linux Kernel 4.3

Nvidia graphics chip support should improve

The enhancement constancy is definitely one of the most interesting things about Linux, currently Nouveau drivers give reasonable support for virtually all Nvidia chips, of course, you still shouldn't expect good enough performance for you to use them to play, basically they These will make your card work so that you can install the appropriate drivers.

This picture is intended to be dramatically improved with the arrival of Kernel 4.3, but its release is still a bit distant since version 4.2 has not even come out.

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Nouveau driver developers (as called the Nvidia open source driver) commented that one of their maintainers named Ben Skeggs is working on something big for Kernel version 4.3, with over 100 modifications to the current code.

Something that should help the development of Nouveau is the fact that Nvidia has provided GR Firmware for them, so Nvidia's current generation 900 series cards have improved support.

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There is still a long time until the release of Kernel 4.3 but we must be aware, after all, news are always welcome and you always find them here in Diolinux. 🙂

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