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Keeping Ubuntu always with the latest version of Linux Kernel

Today you will learn how to install and update your kernel on Ubuntu without much effort.

upgrading the Ubuntu kernel to the latest version

Install the latest version of Linux Kernel on Ubuntu

Canonical is a bit conservative when it comes to kernel upgrades, so unlike other Linux distros the Ubuntu kernel is rarely in the latest stable release released by Linus Torvalds.

So we have prepared an all portuguese script that you can run every time you want to upgrade the Ubuntu kernel easily, thus always keeping the latest version of the kernel on your system.

To do this open your terminal and paste the following commands one after the other.

This command serves to install the Lynx browser, which a text mode browser:

sudo apt-get install lynx

Now let's download our magic script;]

wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent/u/50603085/kernel-update

Now let's change the file permissions

chmod + x kernel-update

Now with this command below let's run the script:

sudo ./kernel-update

Ubuntu Kernel Update

If everything worked correctly you should be seeing a screen like the one above with the 3 main options, to update the kernel just press the "The", to remove old kernel versions press the letter"B"and to exit the program press"what"

Regardless of which option you choose simply follow the onscreen instructions to make adjustments, the steps are few and simple.

If you find a bug or have a problem report it to us, preferably by email.

I used this script to install the kernel I'm using now, in case Kernel 4.0, but it will serve for future versions too.

Whenever you want to install the latest version of Kernel just run this script again.

See you next time!

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