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Keep Google up to date and bring "reminder" function

Google Keep has just received an update and has incorporated the "Remind me" option. Now the app will inform the user about important tasks and errands at the right time and place. The easiest integration between Google services: If you're in a grocery store, Keep working with Google Now to remind you about your shopping list.

Google Keep

The new feature is very simple to use, just select the "Remind me" button at the bottom of any note and choose the type of reminder you want to add:

  • Date and time based reminders;
  • Or location reminder.
gkeep 1

In addition, you can keep track of the day's reminders in one place and check them from time to time, and even suspend some of them. Another characteristic allows the user to transit more than one account:

gkeep 3

Last but not least: Now, in addition to adding images captured by the device camera, you will also be able to use those stored in your image gallery – as shown in the image above.

As always, the gradually released update on the Play Store and new reminder function is also available on the web version of the service at

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<p>I use Keep daily. I don't know what an agenda is four months ago, and I feel better that I no longer need paper for lists and notes. Improvements made with this update have only added value to the service and made my day-to-day life even easier. <em>Well done Google!</em></p>
<p>What about you, are you a Keep fan too? What did you think of this update? Let us know in the comments below.</p>
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