Keep – Google prepares to launch competing Evernote app

Keep, Google's new annotation app, was online today for a few hours at before being deactivated. Luckily, Android Police was able to take some screenshots of the app before it was taken down.

nexusae0 wm Capture thumb2 Android Police

Google declined to comment on its new app, which is undoubtedly a competitor of the popular Evernote. According to Android Police, Google Keep resembles Google Notebook, which was discontinued in 2009, and Evernote. This was not the first appearance of Google Keep – Google has included a screenshot of Google Keep in an official Google+ post.

google keep1 560 Android Police

There is no better time to launch Note: Evernote was recently the victim of a hack that forced all users to change their passwords. Of course, a Google service inspires more confidence.

If Note is officially released, it will compete with other Note services, such as Evernote, Pocket or Onenote.

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