Novidades no Kdenlive prometem agilizar a vida dos editores de vídeo

Kdenlive news promises to make life quicker for video publishers

One of the most popular nonlinear editors on Linux has received major updates in the new version.

The new version of Kdenlive comes bundled with the KDE update, which covers various applications under the project umbrella. You can check out the stuff we did talking about. Kdenlive news promises to make life faster for video publishers

In addition to the usual updates, to fix bugs, fix code flaws and the like, we had some news in this version 19.08. The ones worth mentioning are:

– 3 point edition with keyboard shortcut keys. With this improvement it is possible to develop a faster work and saving a few clicks.

– Source: In this feature the green vertical lines, V1 or A2 left of the track, are connected to the source clip in the Project Bin box. Only when a clip is selected in the box, the green line appears depending on the type of clip (A / V clip, image / title / color clip, audio clip).

– Target: In range V1 or A1 they will be active when the markings turn yellow. An active tagged track reacts to editing operations, such as inserting a clip even if the source is not active (see Advanced Editing Example here).

– Pressing the shift while hovering over the clips in Project Binrio, doing a search for the clip you need.

– Adjust the speed of the video or audio by pressing CTRL + left mouse button click and dragging over the clip you need.

Other enhancements

– Added a step parameter that allows users to control the separation between keyframes generated by motion tracker;

– Activate the transcoding clip functionality again;

– Added a screen selection in the screenshot widget;

– Add option to sort audio tracks in reverse order;

– Default fade duration is now configurable from Kdenlive Settings> Misc;

– Render dialog: Add the context menu to rendered jobs, allowing you to add the rendered file as a project clip;

Renderwidget: Use the maximum number of threads in render.

The complete list for improvements you can consult here. To download the latest version of Kdenlive, simply go to the download section on the project's official website and choose the method for your distro. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.


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