Kdenlive 19.08.2 arrives with several enhancements

Contrary to what some people say in their Internet outlets, Linux distros software and applications get updates with updates and fixes quite often. Especially when it comes to large companies and communities behind major Linux distributions.

kdenlive-19.08.2-arrives-with-many-improvements This frequency can be perceived, among other ways, right here on the blog Diolinux. If we check, for example in the last 30 days, the jaw-dropping number of news and enhancements we have written about. We talked about important project updates KDE, GNOME, Flatpak, Linux kernel, and still about systems design and games on Linux. Now it's time to talk about what's new in Kdenlive. One of the best known and most powerful video editors available for Linux. And for many, an alternative to the height of programs like Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere. On the last day 11 were announced 28 enhancements that are present in Kdenlive version 19.08.2, of which we can highlight:

Fixed a bug that caused the software to crash when resizing the composition;

Updated the MSYS2 script;

Fixed occasional crash when moving audio track;

Added option to disable multitrack view when rendering;

Fixed incorrect display of video duration when changing profile;

Some compilation errors have been fixed;

The bg color filter is now configurable;

Fixed bug that caused some effects not to accompany the resizing of the video;

Added clickable field when copying auto mask frames;

Added the ability to display the effects list by clicking on a track name;

Fixed occasional crash when trying to access unavailable properties of a file;

Layout corrections in effect list spacing;

Fixed loss of clips when opening project file with corresponding path;

Updated version of AppData;

Correct layout when clearing effects list;

Fixed the order of the audio tracks;

I run for the speed effect.

Kdenlive was for several years the main video editor used by Dionatan Simioni in the production of the Diolinux channel. I started using Kdenlive more often only in the last few weeks, and I have been very fond of the software. It is very good for me, and everyone who uses Kdenlive will know that the project is progressing rapidly, and that with each update several improvements are made to the software.

Do you use or have you used Kdenlive? Or do you have any suggestions from another video editor as good as, or better? Tell us in the comments.

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