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KDE Plasma 5.12.9 LTS released

The latest point release of KTS Plasma LTS 5.12 has been released.

Version Users 5.12 LTS (Long term support) of KDE Plasma received good news on September 10, with the release of the ninth maintenance release of the desktop environment. With a total of 24 bug fixes and translation updates, the version 5.12.9 should be the last update before the next LTS release. kde-plasma-5.12.9-released

Launched in February 2018, the verse 5.12 the current long support version of KDE Plasma. The newly released version, the 5.12.9, should be the last scheduled maintenance update for the current LTS. According to project maintainers KDE, new patch versions should be released only if there is a need to fix critical security vulnerabilities or bugs that could cause instability in the use of Plasma Desktop.

This new version features six months of bug fixes and community translations. KDE. Corrections are considered relatively small but important. Among them, we can highlight the following:

Change the Trash applet to use the same shadow settings as desktop icons.


Improved sharpness of folder and file names.

modification-names-folders-files kde-plasma

I am correcting the translation of multimedia controls on the lock screen.

Fixed a bug in the dictionary Krunner which made it show no definition for the searched word.

If you want to see the complete list with all the corrections, go to record of changes from the verse.

The next LTS of KDE Plasma must be the verse 5.18, and is scheduled for mid-February 2020.

If you are using the KDE Plasma on the back 5.12.8, it is recommended that you stay tuned for updates from your district so that as soon as it is available you upgrade to your current one. 5.12.9.

it seems to me that desktop environments The Linux world has been growing at a fairly fast pace lately, which I think is great. Improvements in KDE Plasma the last releases were amazing, what you can see for This one, and This one posts. J on the GTK side of the outside, the GNOME verse 3.32 came with everything and the 3.34 has already arrived with many improvements. XFCE, in addition to the excellent improvements in verse 4.14 also promised a shorter time interval until the launch of the next version.

In fact, the entire Linux desktop world is growing faster and faster, and there's a lot to talk about. But that is already subject to another post.

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