KDE é usado por indústria Cinematográfica

KDE is used for the production of "The Hobbit" and "Gravity".

KDE graphic environment used for making extremely complex scenes from "The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug"

The free KDE environment is being used by Hollywood to make some extremely popular movies, check out the images: KDE used by Industry Cinematogrfica

Hollywood bets on Linux to make its films

It seems that even the movie industry is surrendering to free software, that Hollywood already used Linux clusters to render the movies is not a big surprise but using Linux distros in the production of movies and in a critical area as animation, at least for me it was new.

We can't say for sure which distribution is being used but clearly we can see the KDE environment in its 4.x version being used to make an extremely complex scene from the movie "The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug", check out the video below:

Not the first appearance of KDE

Searching a bit, I found more references to movies where KDE was used as a platform for animation, such as one of the best films involving cosmology I've seen in recent years, "Gravity" or "Gravity" as it was called in Brazil, starring by Sandra Bullock, in the image below we can see KDE on the screen of one of the film's producers:

KDE used in film production
Image: Reproduction
We can see the KDE environment in the background screen
Image: Reproduction

Why the use of KDE?

Particularly I still find KDE an interface with too many options (not to be a malfunction) for desktop use by lay people, the many possibilities can confuse the computer use of a person who just wants to do more mundane tasks, on the other hand. , KDE is a true "suo switchblade" in terms of interface, I believe that the professional manageability like these in movie production, plus the stability of KDE version 4 makes it a great interface for programmers and developers who want a system that can fit all your needs.

kde-swiss-army knife

I know that although I think KDE is not suitable for newbies, many people will disagree with me and are totally entitled to do it anyway, especially KDE version 4.x after so many years of development without It is undoubtedly a stable environment for the development of their projects.

Free marketing

Whether or not these videos without the intention of promoting Linux have much more effect than simply hearing some say that "good Linux, use", the weird, and this I see in the comments of the video, which many people were asking "which Windows they were using it "to do the job (fantastic by the way), so I say and repeat often what Linux Marketing lacks.

Konqueror in
Leonard (The Bing Bang Theory) wearing the Konqueror Project T-Shirt

Finally it remains to say that I am extremely pleased to see recognition of Linux and its graphic environments as a professional working tool as the case showing in this matter, if Hollywood uses, if NASA useswhy wouldn't you use it? _____________________________________________________________________________ See any errors or would you like to add any suggestions to this article? Collaborate, click here.