KDE Connect, integrate Ubuntu with your Android

Make Ubuntu and Android work together to make your life easier.

Here's how to turn your Android into a true Ubuntu remote control to make your daily tasks easier.

KDE Connect for Ubuntu

Use KDE Connect to Integrate Your Android Smartphone with Ubuntu

And live the laziness! And live the practicality! Ahh … yes, the wonders of the modern world, thanks to KDE Connect now I won't have to get up from the couch to touch my computer. I, like many, have stopped using television to watch major broadcasters and I basically use it connected to my notebook via HDMI to watch YouTube, series and movies and KDE Connect was all I need, a remote control between both.

Much more than a simple control

In addition to being able to use the KDE Connect like mouse and keyboard of the computer it still has an indicator of your desktop that can show you the notifications of the smartphone, can explore the files of the same, show how much battery remaining in the device, the other way around, you can use your Android is also for controlling computer music players, such as Rhythmbox for example, which is the standard Ubuntu player.

How to install KDE Connect on Ubuntu

First of all install the App on your Android through Google Play, click the button below:

Once I try to install KDE Connect on your Smartphone we will now install the indicator on your computer, copy the code snippet below completely and paste it into the terminal, press the "enter" key and enter your password, now just wait:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: vikoadi / ppa -y && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install indicator-kdeconnect kdeconnect -y

Using KDE Connect

Open the app on your Android and also open KDE Connect, it should be in my Ubuntu application, KDE Connect should recognize it automatically.

IMPORTANT: Please note that all information exchange between Android and Ubuntu is done via WI-Fi, meaning it is essential that both are on the same wireless network.

When KDE Connect recognizes your device, a Smartphone indicator appears at the top of the Ubuntu desktop.

Notice the left icon of the internet connection icon.

Click on this icon and click "Request pairing", at this time a notification should appear from your Smartphone asking to confirm pairing, just accepted.

Already, the devices are already paired, to control Ubuntu by Android within application of KDE Connect Click on the connected device and the control options will open.


– To use the right mouse button when using the remote control (second image just above) just tap the upper right menu represented by 3 stacked balls.

– To enable Smarpthone notifications on your Ubuntu desktop, on the first screen of the image above should appear just below the three control options a written "Sync notifications" option, just tap on it and activate this feature.

That's the guys, see you next time!

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