KDE: a great friend

Much has been expected from the latest KDE, version 4.8.x, as the official release and some simple patch updates, we can say that KDE has reached its summer but stable 4.8.3.

After a long time using the latest release, we will describe the impressions.

This version, 4.8.3, of KDE is by far the most mature so far, after two very flawed versions, 4.6 and 4.7, they have redeemed themselves with the most stable and lean environment so far.

Many bugs, jagged bugs, incompatibilities and others have been removed or fixed, making the experience much richer and more enjoyable.

A big highlight for the Dolphin file browser, which has received a lot of improvements and a very nice organizing effect, and lots of applause for Kwin, the project's standard window manager, which is lighter elegant and very beautiful and level transitions.

freshness just right.

If we compare our last post on KDE to this one, the big difference is related to performance and stability.

Another issue touched on the last post was about the proposal of the environment, which is older than Gnome, does not bring modern desktop elements, said as a trend, all the way, the very modern KDE and can be said as reference to the desktop computer.

because its competitor Gnome has different goals than serving netbooks, notebooks, tablets and other laptops, so that KDE no longer supplies small screens, or even Gnome cannot be used by ordinary computers, but both have different approaches.

Finally KDE is mature enough that no user can complain or defect, of course it will not please everyone, but without any previous configuration, very usable, stable, beautiful and modern.

For those who have never tested, I repeat the statement, KDE is very firm kid, and for those who already old user is worth using again, who is already in the environment, try updating.