KDE 5.16 released! See how to install on your Kubuntu / Ubuntu

The new version of KDE Plasma 5.16 has been released, so learn how to use the new version on your Ubuntu.

We recently announced the KDE Plasma 5.16 Beta Release, with several improvements and refinements. Your notification system has been completely revamped, there have been changes to the login / logout screen, better Wayland support and more. Today, June 11, the definitive release of the Plasma 5.16 and you can now install the new version on your Kubuntu. kde-plasma-kde5.16-linux-interface-ubuntu-kubuntu-neon

Firstly, we make it clear that this procedure has to be done carefully and always follow the maximum: never too much backup. Yeah well! Back up your files if everything does not go as planned. Another caveat is that this tutorial does not focus on covering other versions than the Kubuntu / Ubuntu 19.04 (Dingo Disk), if you have a lower version and try, you are already warned that it will go bad ().

Installing the new KDE Plasma 5.16 and its applications on Kubuntu / Ubuntu 19.04

Through your Twitter account, the Kubuntu team announced that the new KDE version 5.16 is already present in their PPA Backports. Your installation is easy, but as already mentioned, have backups of your files in case something goes wrong.

First add the Kubuntu PPA Backports repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: kubuntu-ppa / backports

Update your system:

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

After the procedure, reboot the system and use the new version of KDE Plasma.

For users who want to install KDE Plasma next to another interface, such as Ubuntu in its major version or another flavor, installing the KDE meta package may be an option.

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

Then add PPA and upgrade the system according to the two commands above. Particularly I like to add more than one interface to the system. I find it kinda loaded, and sometimes processes from both interfaces start together. It's pretty annoying to be setting up process by process. However, feel free and proceed as you wish. If you have more than one graphical interface, it will be chosen during the login screen.

To remove KDE Plasma, installed via Kubuntu PPA Backports, do the following:

sudo apt install ppa-purge && sudo ppa-purge ppa: kubuntu-ppa / backports

Restart the system after the uninstallation is complete.

This form can be used for those who do not want to install KDE Neon and yet take advantage of more up-to-date versions of Plasma and its applications.

Do you use KDE Plasma? Undoubtedly one of the most volatile and customizable interfaces in the penguin world. Join our form Diolinux Plus, there are several KDE lovers, you can get all your doubts about this ecosystem.

Until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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