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JustWatch or Upflix? Find out which is the best!

If you are tired of the confusing and difficult to navigate catalogs of the biggest streaming services, a possible solution is to use an app for that. In this article, we will make a comparison of JustWatch or Upflix, the two best for this purpose.

Read on if you are interested in downloading any of them to make your organization easier!

1. JustWatch or Upflix: what?

The first step in any comparison should be to explain what services, applications or platforms are, and here is the same case. So, read on to know their proposal!


Let's explain first what JustWatch is. In short, it is a search engine and a guide to streaming sites that helps its users discover where they can watch series, movies, anime and more in a completely legal way.

Through it, you have access to news from major streaming services, such as Netflix, Globo Play or Amazon Prime Video. Using practical and intuitive filters, you can receive recommendations for what to watch, with options for genres, year of release and age rating.

At first, it was exclusively a web app (in short, a page optimized for smartphones). Currently, it has a version for computer browsers and apps for Android smartphones, for iPhones and even for Fire TV.

Justwatch JustWatch or Upflix

One important thing to know when comparing JustWatch or Upflix is ​​that the first one is completely free, regardless of where to use it, without even having advertisements. This is possible thanks to its main objective, which is to help film studios to advertise to ideal audiences.

With it, you can easily organize what you want to see next, creating your personal list from recommendations and finding links to the best apps to watch movies and series so you can watch whenever you want.

To ensure that your information is always the most current, use free databases as a source for trailers, synopses, titles and everything that is relevant to the media.

They perform daily and automatic searches on all supported services, in order to ensure that everything is up to date. You can filter content listings by country, which allows you to know exactly what is on Netflix where you live, without any confusion.


The next topic for JustWatch or Upflix needs to be an explanation of what Upflix does. In a very brief way, an application that shows all the news from Netflix.

Through it, it is possible to find information about new films, new series, documentaries, news about the media and much more. All of this is completely free, however, unlike JustWatch, with advertisements.

Ideal for those who use Netflix, here you have access to the entire catalog of streaming services, with detailed information of titles, trailers and even curiosities of them!

It has reviews created by those who really understand the topic, with updated notes from Netflix, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, among other major sites of its kind.

You can easily book movies and Netflix series with ease, being able to create playlists directly on Netflix and share them with your friends. Finally, the app shows you the biggest news about the service and about Cinema, in general, with a list of the most current and most commented of the biggest entertainment channels.

Upflix JustWatch or Upflix

2. How to use them?

Now that we’ve finished explaining what JustWatch or Upflix are, we’ll clarify everything about the app’s functionality and how to use them.


Again, let's start with JustWatch. To download it to your preferred device, follow the link to the download page on the official website. L, just click on the cone for your platform.

How to use 1 JustWatch or Upflix

With the app installed, open it. Once on the home screen, you can choose whether to create an account or on. recommended that you create by clicking the button that says"Create an account". Then decide if you want to connect the Facebook or Google account to create, or if you want to create using email.

Now, see a list of audiovisual media, for those who like to watch anime, movies and series can receive recommendations for similar things. At the bottom of the screen, there are four buttons: "Home",“Releases”,"Popular" and"Watchlist".

THE "Home" takes you home. THE “Releases” shows you everything that came out of your streaming services recently, in descending order of date. THE"Popular" shows you the most popular titles on the platform so you never miss out.

Finally, the "Watchlist" your personal list, created and curated by you, of what you plan to watch when you have free time.

How to use 2 JustWatch or Upflix


The last step in the comparison between JustWatch or Upflix will show you how to use the second of the two, Upflix.

How to use 3

To download it for Android or iOS, just follow the link to the official website, where at the top of the page you will see two buttons, one for each platform.

After installing it, go to a country selection screen. Then see the list of Netflix releases in descending order of date in the tab"New". At"Going out", see the next things that will come out in this streaming service.

At the top of the screen, you can filter by genre, perform searches, filter by grade per review site, buy the version without advertisements, change countries and more. It also has the "Roulette", which automatically generates an indication of what to watch, based on its parameters.

How to use 4

So, what did you think of our comparison between JustWatch or Upflix?

Leave your opinion in the comments, saying if you already knew one of the two and which is your favorite. Don't forget to also check out our 2020 anime guide and the most watched international Netflix series in Brazil!