Justin Long tells why Steve Jobs rejected more than 200 Get a Mac ads

There are probably thousands of reasons that have drawn each of you to the world of technology, especially Apple.

One of these reasons may even be commercial Get a Mac (to promote Ma's computers), which were voted the best ad campaign of the past decade.

Recalled for their simplicity and humor, the 66 commercials featured were starring Justin long (Mac) and John Hodgman (PC), which practically personified Apple computers and those running Microsoft's system at that time.

However, what many do not know is that in total more than 300 (!) Advertisements were recorded for the campaign, of which more than 200 did not reach television because they were rejected by themselves.

Steve Jobs.

Who revealed this was Long himself during the last episode of the show Couch Surfing, gives PeopleTV (video above).

According to the actor, despite the humorous tone of virtually every aired version, Apple's cofounder preferred it when they weren't “too funny,” as it could divert the viewer's attention from the purpose of the commercials.

I realized that some of the funniest would never air.

I remember one in particular where Zach Galifianakis played a drunken Santa Claus.

I was dying to see that one, but they basically said that Steve Jobs preferred it when they (the commercials) weren't super funny because he thought it would hurt the point of the commercial.

He thought that if people were too focused on humor, they would lose focus on the product.

Campaign Ads Get a Mac they ran for almost four years, from 2006 to 2010, and certainly marked a generation.

If you got nostalgic, this video compiles all the published videos worth (re) seeing them! 😜

via AppleInsider