Justice dismisses lawsuit against Apple related to iMac screens

Justice dismisses lawsuit against Apple related to iMac screens

US justice recently dismissed a lawsuit that had been underway against Apple for almost a year over problems with existing iMac displays. Coincidentally, yesterday it released an exclusive update to address graphic problems related to the desktop, but in its recent models of 27 inches.

However, the legal dispute that ended yesterday referred to a user of the iMac G5, who acquired the machine in 2006 and began to notice problems with its screen in March 2008, starting with vertical lines that appeared until it completely rendered it useless. Similar reports from several other customers have almost turned the case into a widespread lawsuit, in which Apple would be accused of selling defective equipment while ignoring any reports of defects.

The judge responsible for the case ignored the accusations, supporting the idea that it would involve a much larger number of people totally satisfied with the iMacs, although the problems had taken on unusual proportions. In addition, the objective of the process was to demand a refund of money, something quite different from putting pressure on Apple to solve the problems of the affected users via updates or (in more serious cases) replacements of defective products.

Problems related to iMac screens have already been noticed in several generations of the product, and the update released yesterday was the solution for the most recent of them. At the moment, the most expensive models of the machine are not yet available for purchase, something that should only happen next week.

(via AppleInsider)