Justia Access Atlas: Government lana Android app for citizens

This month an application was launched in Brasilia to facilitate the access of Brazilian citizens to Justice services. Through the app "Fair Access Atlas"For smartphones and tablets, users will be able to learn useful information about the nearest public service that can help solve a court problem.

Justica Brazil
Isaac Amorim / AG: MJ

By accessing the "Fair Access Atlas", the user can query the application informing the state, city and type of organ desired. After that, it is possible to view the results with the address, phone and website of the organ.

The app was created from a cooperation agreement between the OAB Federal Council and the Ministry of Justice and aims to facilitate access to the justice system. In it, you can consult the address of the nearest court and also know what to do when you have a problem where a justice service is needed.

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Fair Access Atlas / Federal Government
<p>The idea was well received by the legal community. "The initiative is valid, based on the ideal of increasingly expanding fair access," says lawyer Pedro Monteiro. The service, which is also available on the web, covers almost all more than 5,000 Brazilian municipalities and has more than 60,000 registered addresses. Click here to download the app for Android.</p>
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And you, what did you think about this new app from the Federal Government?

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