New MacBook Pro open

Just open the new MacBook Pro and it will turn on; say goodbye to the Mac startup sound

Over the weekend we published two interesting articles about the new MacBooks Pro, one talking about the SSD and RAM of the machines and the other, of course, telling the news about the Touch Bar. Over time, however, more news will appear – and here we are to inform you about.

Opened, called

This was a discovery that the OWC itself made. You no longer need to press the power button for the MacBook Pro … to turn on. Yes, in this new generation Apple has implemented something that makes a lot of sense: by simply opening the lid of the machine, it automatically turns on (after all, hardly anyone opens the notebook to do anything other than use it).

New MacBook Pro open

No, I’m not talking about the Mac being in mode sleep (sleeping) and wake up when opening the lid. This has always been the case: the novelty is that, even when turned off, the MacBook Pro will turn on if you simply open it. In fact the new Macs now turn on when you open the cover, if you connect it to the power adapter (with it already open and off) or if you connect it to an external display.

Goodbye, startup sound

As now it is enough to open the machine for it to turn on, Apple decided to remove that classic, iconic and totally recognizable sound from the MacMagazine On Air boot of Macs, as noted by the

In fact, as turning on the notebook has become much easier, removing the sound (which has been used since 1998) makes sense for the person not to open the Mac and get scared.

But of course, they already managed to put the sound back – yet another discovery of To do this, just type the following command in Terminal:

sudo nvram BootAudio=%01

If you want to have a silent startup again, type:

sudo nvram BootAudio=%00

And the people didn’t stop there, no. If you didn’t like to see your brand new MacBook Pro start up when connected to the wall charger, you can disable this behavior using the following command:

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00

To return to normal behavior, type:

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%03

To take effect, all of these commands require your administrator password.

Goodbye, extension cable

We also recently talked about some of the things that Apple “killed” with the arrival of the new MacBooks Pro.

Apple extension cable

Well put one more item on this list. Even if she didn’t actually kill the accessory (it’s still on sale at Apple stores), you won’t find the Charger extension cable inside the notebook box.

So, if you need to plug the charger into an outlet far from where you want to sit to use your Mac, get ready to shell out another buck…

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