Just kidding Microsoft buried iPhone to promote Windows Phone eight years ago

It's amazing how time goes by fast. It seems like yesterday when Microsoft employees joked around the world. Exactly eight years ago, on September 10, 2010, employees of Bill Gates's company held a funeral on the iPhone and BlackBerry.

To promote the launch of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft employees literally organized a funeral, where they paraded through the streets in burial clothes, along with a car that looked like a car carrying the coffin at a funeral. At the time, the message was that with the release of Windows Phone 7, people could undo their iPhone and BlackBerry, as the new system from Microsoft came to bury the smartphones mentioned.

However, that is not quite what happened. It is now 2018 and the iPhone remains strong and strong fighting for the lead with Samsung and Huawei. Meanwhile Microsoft's operating system for smartphones is dead. Already the BlackBerry is not going through a good time, but still alive. Let's remember what actually happened to this whole decline of Microsoft in relation to the mobile system.

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IPhone Burial / businessinsider

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gambled heavily on Windows Phone, so much so that he bought the giant Nokia. However, it did not take long and Ballmer left office, since sales of the first Nokia models with Windows Phone were well. With his departure, it was Satya Nadella who took office and that was where the trouble came.

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The Act caught a lot of attention / businessinsider

Satya Nadella totally got rid of the Nokia brand, and smartphones that were once called Nokia Lumia, were just called Lumia. In addition, many other issues began to emerge, such as developers starting to lose interest in launching their games and applications to the platform. As a result, Windows Phone lost out and died, giving way to Windows mobile which had its support terminated earlier this year.

We don't currently have Microsoft in the smartphone business anymore, but rumors about Project Andromeda, a supposed mix of PC and smartphone, continue to circulate. I really hope Microsoft will come up with something different to heat up this fight in the smartphone market.

And you believe that Microsoft can come strong with the Andromeda project?

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