Just Cause 3 launches Sky Fortress DLC

Prepare-se para voar: Just Cause 3 lança DLC Sky Fortress

Sky Fortress is an expansion pack, with new missions, threats and equipment (Bavarium Wingsui), drones (Eviction) and more for the Just Cause 3 game.

JustCause 3 Sky Fortress

Just Cause 3 is the last title in the successful franchise, known for defying the laws of physics: Just Cause. JC3 is an open world action / adventure game, developed by Avalanche Studios (the same responsible for Mad Max) and published by Square Enix (Sleeping Dogs, Final Fantasy XV, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Kingdon Hearts) in November 2015. It is available for the new generation consoles, Xbox One and Playstation 4, as well as for PCs. This game that takes place on the fictional island Medici can only be played in single-player mode.

The story consists of Rico Rodriguez’s return to his homeland: Medici Island, located in the Mediterranean. The problem? The island is ruled by the brutal dictator General Di Ravello. Your mission? To free the whole island and its people from this oppressive regime. What are the rules? Well… none. Use all the necessary means, the blue sky of the island paradise is your limit.

Below you can check out the trailer for Just Cause 3, and below the surprise:

How to improve an already famous game? Adding new missions, a new threat and new equipment. The new threat is the eDEN Corporation, which has only a huge and frightening Flying Fortress and an army of deadly drones. But calm down, Rico, you are not unprepared or alone in this. In addition to his help, he has a new outfit that is propelled by rockets, the Bavarium Wingsuit, which in turn, comes equipped only with machine guns on shoulders and guided missiles. How can it be nicer than that? In addition to his new outfit he will also have his own self-defense drone, Eviction and an assault rifle, the Bavarium Splitter. And, to improve, all of these new equipment can be used in the main game.

Check out the Sky Fortress DLC trailer below:

«The new content will fundamentally change the players’ approach to the game – we are really looking forward to seeing how fans will adapt to the new flight suit.» said Tobias Andersson, Senior Producer at Avalanche Studios. «The new story mode missions, challenges and equipment can be used in the main game and really mess with everything, we can’t wait to see players revisiting Medici and exploring the game even more creatively.»

Sky Fortress, will be available on March 8 for everyone who purchased the “Air, Land and Sea” expansion pass. Those who prefer to purchase the content separately will be able to do so from March 15th. The Sky Fortress pack will cost $ 11.99 and the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pack is available for $ 24.99. The entire content of the three packages will be accessible before the end of summer 2016 (in the northern hemisphere, winter in the southern hemisphere) and one week in advance for everyone who purchases the Expansion Pack.

March 8 is suggestive, as it is also the International Women’s Day. How about giving a girl this game? =)