Jury Decides Apple Infringed Patents, Gets Qualcomm

Apple's most recent court battle against Qualcomm recently began in the city of San Diego (California, United States). And the jury's decision was swift: as reported to Bloomberg, Ma was found guilty of infringing three patents of the microchip giant and having to pay about $ 31.6 million in damage.

The three patents in question, as we covered in this article, refer to technologies that allow the smartphone to connect to the internet quickly after power up, handle graphics processing and the device's battery, and allow device applications to download data. faster by splitting the task between the processor and the modem.

About the decision, Apple issued a statement with content very similar to other previously published:

Qualcomm's ongoing campaign of accusing us of patent infringement is nothing more than an attempt to distract people from the bigger problems they face, with investigations into their business practices taking place in the US Federal Court and around the world.

Although not stated, Apple certainly appeal the decision. Still, the result is a thud for Ma, not for money, which is nothing more than a trade-off for the company's economic power, but for the consequences it could have on other processes around the world.

Also to be expected are the “reverse” processes, that is, those in which Apple is suing Qualcomm. In one case, a judge argued that the chip giant owes about $ 1 billion Ma, that is, the boat could turn around quickly and we will only know the end of this story in a while. Let's wait.

via MacRumors