Jumbo App is a “privacy assistant” that adjusts your social networks to protect you

In the age when our lives seem more than ever to have migrated digitally, it is important to know what they are / are not in terms of our personal information on the internet and on networks. The problem is that it is very difficult to have this notion: social platforms and internet services are (often purposely) built so that it is difficult to have absolute control over your privacy preferences.

There is currently no solution to this problem that does not involve completely abdicating digital life. A new app called JumboHowever, it can help you a little in this process of "internal protection".

Jumbo app icon: Privacy + Security

The app has four sections, each focused on a service or social network: Twitter, Facebooksearch Google and interactions with Alexa (Amazon assistant). Soon tools will also be added for Tinder and to Instagram.

Each section has a different purpose: on Twitter, you can ask Jumbo to erase all of its tweets older than a day, a week, a month or three months just allow the app and it will do so by saving deleted posts to a backup file that is available only to you. It is worth noting that as the Twitter API allows deletion of up to 3,200 tweets per day, this process may take a few days depending on how many posts you have.

Facebook section is different and uses its own technology called Jumbo Smart Privacywhere you can choose between three levels of privacy: strong, medium or weak. Not strong, much of your personal information on the network will be visible only to you, as long as the app turns off the face recognition feature and restricts the advertising action on your account.

In the Google search related part, you can ask Jumbo to erase all your records older than a day, a week, or a month; Finally, in the Alexa section, the only option available is to promptly delete all your voice records with assistant requests.

For now, Jumbo is only available for iOS (an Android version will be available soon). It's completely free to use, and its creators claim that soon additional features will be added at a cost not yet specified for advanced users.

It is worth taking a look!

via The Verge