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Hear from a friend sometime that the battery of your smartphone is dying is nothing unusual. And the reverse of the roles for such a speech is nothing new. To avoid running out of your smartphone until you get home and have to recharge your battery, there are apps that optimize device power usage. And today we are going to talk about one of these apps: JuiceDefender Ultimate. Follow our app review and see if JuiceDefender is on those missing apps on your device.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Nexus SAndroid version: 4.0.3

There are four versions of JuiceDefender, two of which are free. There is also JuiceDefender Plus and JuiceDefender Ultimate, which we will look at here, which are paid and are, say, more professional. JuiceDefender's principle is to increase the "life" of our mobile phone by automatically managing the components that absorb the most battery.

If you're one of those who just wants to install the app without having to make dozens of changes to make it work properly, don't worry: JuiceDefender comes with pre-set default values ​​that are therefore pre-selected. This setting ensures, for example, that the Internet connection is interrupted every time the device is in standby mode. Every fifteen minutes, the device will reconnect for the purpose of updating the notifications, that is, not to stop delivering emails, Facebook or Twitter posts that you make a point of receiving automatically.

In addition to this configuration, there are two others, which we will call here "aggressive" and "extreme". The first allows the user to use their phone for as long as possible, even if the battery is almost exhausted. The second disables all data connections, which significantly increases battery life. In addition to converting the smartphoe into a dumbphone.

The most interesting thing about JuiceDefender Ultimate is that it can be configured to suit personal demands thanks to the advanced configuration option. Here you can choose to turn WiFi on or off and select which WiFi networks are used. The app will know which networks are reachable and automatically activate them when you are near one of them. That is, you must first select the networks manually and next time everything will be done automatically by JuiceDefender. In addition, it is possible to determine a "calendar" for synchronizing data such as email (5, 15, or 30 minutes or even 1 or 2 hours).

If you prefer to have your phone turned off at night, you can with JuiceDefender define what "night" means. After the specified period, the phone will be turned on automatically. Adjusting the priority of some applications over others is also possible. There is the option to turn off the screen, which can be quite useful when listening to radio or music, for example.

In the status bar, there are other adjustment options. In that bar is the center of everything that has to do with mobile data, WiFi, Bluetooth, auto sync and more. In this regard, we have to say that the application is somewhat redundant, as these options are already available and have already been cited. What can be considered an "extra" in the status bar is the possibility to configure the options mentioned above in more detail.

There is an option that allows you to decide when the application should close all connections and times. You can choose to have JuiceDefender Ultimate not shut down until a certain data transmission has not yet been terminated. It also gives you an overview of WiFi networks and the status of the most frequently used networks.

JuiceDefender has so many features that it would be difficult to do a concise analysis if we decided to detail them all. But to finish, we still want to point one more of them. You can create a password to disable JuiceDefender Ultimate via a torpedo. This feature can be quite useful in case you have your phone lost or stolen.


JuiceDefender Ultimate is really a great option for those who want to save battery. What drew the most attention to us is the large amount of features very useful for optimizing the useful life of the phone.

Screen & Controls

A clear and didactic design is absolutely essential for an app with as many features and functions as JuiceDefender Ultimate. All configuration options have a label and a clear and concise explanation, which makes the application easy to handle. This will undoubtedly give you the full benefit of what it can offer.

Speed ​​& Stability

Stability is an important factor when it comes to an application that is meant to run in the background. JuiceDefender Ultimate has not disappointed you at all in this regard. Rather, the app worked smoothly from the first moment it was used for our test.

Price / Performance Ratio

JuiceDefender Ultimate is available for 4.99. As stated, there is a free and a cheaper version of 1.99. As we have not tested these other versions, we do not know what their differences are. What makes the Ultimate version interesting is that this week it costs only 2.49 and can be downloaded here in our App Center.

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